As mentioned above, a fixed rate mortgage is a well defined and easy to understand method of financing a home. Buyers who want to know what their payments will be during the course of the loan should seriously consider using this type of financing. One only needs to look at the news from time to time to see how volatile the adjustable rate market can be for home owners. If your credit is fairly good and you plan to stay in the home for a long period of time, a fixed rate mortgage may be the best deal for you and your family.

The following information may not apply to all individuals but it is worth mentioning. These are certain requirements that may not be specifically spelled out unless asked about. For instance, if one has ever filed for bankruptcy, it must be a certain number of years old; his or her credit rating needs to be at least in the high 600s; the new payment that he or she will be paying should not be more than the old payment and must not exceed a certain portion of his or her income; his or her income must be regular and not sporadic; his or her employment record must be pristine, and any payments on any other loans must be current.

The timely intervention by the US federal reserves by announcing an Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, this made the scenario more placid. It was mainly targeted to secure and assist the low and middle income citizens. It also gave support to the businesses by offering them suitable tax incentives. If we go by the announcements in the stimulus package act it says that all recipients would receive at least $300 and an extra $300 per dependent under the age of 17. The maximum pay that a person would receive would be not more than $600. Individuals who have an annual income over $75,000 are not liable to receive any monetary funds.

If you are currently finding yourself going through some financial hardship and are unable to currently afford your monthly mortgage payments, the Obama refinance plan could end up being the answer that you're looking for in order to help keep you on your feet. More and more families are going through this financial hardship than ever before and many of them have to end up leaving their homes because of the loss of a job or the rising prices in cost of living expenses. If this sounds like you this does not have to end with a foreclosure, instead a mortgage refinance option could be best, ask yourself these questions: